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Forms and information sheets

Sleep study referrals

As of November 2018, Medicare requires that patients complete screening questionnaires to determine their need for a sleep study. Our new sleep study referral includes these questionnaires. You can also find an information sheet with a concise explanation of the Medicare criteria.

Sleep Study Referral Form
Information for Referring Doctors

Please send the completed referral form by fax to 1300 469 087 or by email to sleep@centurionhealthcare.com.au.

Referrals for other services 

Our other services include:

Currently, these services are available in NSW only. Please click here to download a copy of our electronic referral.

Please send the completed referral form by fax to 02 9798 2355 or by email to reception@centurionhealthcare.com.au.

Our staff will contact your patient within one business day of receipt of your referral. Please ensure that the contact details are clearly legible. We can provide services in Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, Vietnamese and Arabic, however we also appreciate the inclusion of an English-speaking contact on your referral.